PGS4100 MEMS Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Sensor for EV Battery Management Systems

The PGS4100 series of hydrogen accurately detects hydrogen concentration in the air by measuring the change in thermal conductivity of the gas mixture. Used within battery management system (BMS) compartments, this technology enables faster reaction times for triggering battery failure alarms in electric vehicles (EVs), ensuring compliance with safety standards.

The PGS4100 series is designed with a relative humidity sensor and a barometric pressure sensor. This strategic incorporation enables the sensor to counterbalance thermal conductivity changes influenced by humidity in air and elevation changes, enhancing the accuracy of hydrogen concentration measurement. This level of precision enables the PGS4100 to meet industry standards for flammable gas detection.

The PGS4100 series supports analog voltage and I2C digital outputs. In the future, it will support MODBUS/UART and CAN bus. The PGS4100 is housed in an IP6K9 compliant enclosure with a wire harness that is terminated with an automotive-grade connector for enhanced durability.

Key Features:
  • Humidity and pressure compensated.
  • Remains accurate in harsh environments
  • Non-reactive to "poisons" or contaminants
  • Long term stability
Target Applications:
  • Hydrogen leak detection
  • Battery thermal runaway early detection
  • Process monitoring
Absolute Maximum Ratings
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40 °C to 90 °C
  • Supply voltage: 5.5 Vdc