Home Appliances

Accurate, Consistent and Reliable Water/ Liquid Metering Enhances Consumer Experience and Strengthens Brand Loyalty.

A wide variety of home appliances can enhance the overall customer experience through improved monitoring/metering of fluid flow:

  • Water filtration systems can alert customer when it’s time to replace a filter or when a filter is broken
  • Coffee makers can ensure consistent cups of coffee are brewed every time
  • Washing machines can dispense the right amount of detergent and can automatically order detergent when used up

The enhanced customer experience ultimately strengthens consumer brand loyalty and ensures the long-term success of a home appliance brand.

Posifa Technologies’ MEMS liquid flow sensors help home appliance brands achieve these customer experience enhancements through accurate, consistent and reliable liquid flow monitoring and metering. Compared to liquid flow sensors built on mechanical turbine technology, Posifa’s MEMS liquid flow sensors deliver superior accuracy under all flow conditions, including low flow and pulsatile flow, and significantly better reliability since there are no moving parts to wear out or break.

Key Applications

Smart Washing Machines

Coffee Machines

Water Filtration Systems

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