Fuel Cell Hydrogen Detection Sensor Solutions

Navigating the future with hydrogen fuel cell technology requires a keen focus on safety. At Posifa Technologies, we provide advanced hydrogen detection sensors that prioritize long-term stability and precision. Our thermal conductivity sensors are crafted to meet the rigorous safety standards necessary for various vehicle applications. 

Thermal Conductivity: A Reliable Choice 

Our sensors are distinguished by their resilience, performing consistently across a broad measurement range, from parts per million to full saturation. They operate safely at low temperatures, eliminating risks associated with high-temperature systems. This design principle ensures that our sensors are a reliable component in your safety protocol, even in challenging conditions.

Advantages of Posifa's Solutions 

Sensors built on catalytic combustion technologies sometimes falter in harsh environments, requiring replacement and suffering from performance degradation. Posifa's sensors are engineered to circumvent these issues, offering a robust alternative that requires less maintenance and retains accuracy over time. 

Posifa Technologies is committed to advancing hydrogen fuel cell safety with sensor solutions that offer dependable performance. By choosing our sensors, you're investing in technology that's designed to be as enduring and reliable as the vehicles they protect.  

Thermal Conductivity Versus Catalytic Combustion for Hydrogen Detection 

Advantages of thermal conductivity:
  • Long term stable and accurate, even in harsh environments 
  • Low working temperature: intrinsically safe 
  • Widest measurement range: ppm to 100% volume 
Disadvantages of catalytic combustion technology:
  • Difficult to implement reliability in harsh environments 
  • Susceptible to contamination and poisoning by ambient chemicals 
  • Potential replacement required after exposure to a hydrogen leak Performance degradation over time 
    Advantages of Posifa thermal conductivity hydrogen sensors
    • Reliable and accurate in harsh environments 
    • Highest long-term reliability, since no materials that react to chemical contamination 
    • Fastest response time 
    • Same industry proven technology used for flow and vacuum pressure sensors 
    • Experience with 10s of millions of thermal sensors: highly repeatable, high-volume CMOS fabrication 


    Detailed product information: 
    PGS4100 MEMS Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Sensor