New Posifa Technologies Liquid Flow Sensors Offer High-Accuracy, Low-Maintenance Replacement for Mechanical Turbine Devices

Cost-Effective MEMS Sensors Deliver Increased Performance and Reliability, Even in Unstable Pulsatile Flow and Low-Flow Conditions SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 9, 2020 — Posifa Technologies today introduced its new PLF2000 series of liquid flow sensors. Designed to replace mechanical turbine flow sensors, the cost-effective devices deliver increased accuracy and reliability, even in unstable pulsatile flow and low-flow conditions. Factory … Read More

Posifa Technologies Confirms Availability of Ventilator Mass Air Flow Sensors

SAN JOSE, Calif. — March 30, 2020 — Posifa Technologies today confirmed that it is continuing to ship production quantities of its mass air flow sensors that are a key component for ventilators and other medical equipment. The Posifa PMF2000 and PMF4000 mass air flow sensors are used within medical ventilators to control air flow to patients. “We are making … Read More

Posifa Technologies to Exhibit Cost-Effective, Solid-State MEMS Sensor Solutions at MD&M West 2020

Highlights to Include PMF6000 Series Mass Air Flow Sensors and PLF2000 Series Liquid Flow Sensors SAN JOSE, Calif. — Feb. 3, 2020 — Posifa Technologies today announced its technology lineup for MD&M West 2020, taking place Feb. 11-13 in Anaheim, California. At booth 448, the company will highlight new cost-effective, solid-state MEMS sensor solutions featuring the company’s third-generation thermal flow … Read More

Posifa Technologies to Exhibit Cost-Effective MEMS Sensor Solutions at AHR Expo 2020

Highlights to Include PVC3000 Series Micro-Pirani Vacuum Sensors and PAV3000 Series SMD Air Velocity Sensors SAN JOSE, Calif. — Jan. 28, 2020 — Posifa Technologies today announced its technology lineup for AHR Expo 2020, taking place Feb. 3-5 in Orlando, Florida. At booth 188 in the West Hall, the company will highlight cost-effective MEMS sensor solutions that are connecting HVAC … Read More

Posifa Technologies Introduces New Air Velocity Sensors With Digital I2C Output for Thermal Management and Filter Monitoring Applications

Users Can Combine Air Velocity Data With Existing Temperature Data for Unparalleled Insight Into Thermal Efficiency SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 31, 2019 — Posifa Technologies today announced the new PAV3000 series of economical, high-performance air velocity sensors with digital I2C output and a surface-mount footprint for thermal management and filter monitoring in even the most space-constrained locations. Unlike thermistor-based … Read More

Posifa Technologies Introduces New MEMS Thermopile Vacuum Sensors With Broad Effective Range From 1 Millitorr to 1 atm

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 1, 2019 — Posifa Technologies today introduced its new PVC3000 series of MEMS thermopile vacuum sensors. Built on the proven performance of the company’s leading Pirani devices, the next-generation sensors deliver a wider effective range from 1 millitorr (0.13 Pa) to 1 atm (760 torr, or 101 kPa) to eliminate the need for additional sensing technology and to lower overall solution costs. The upper … Read More

Posifa Technologies Introduces New Mass Air Flow Sensors With a Manifold-Mount Design for Bypass Assemblies

Devices Allow Users to Create a Custom Flow Body Design While Reducing System Size, Increasing Reliability, and Establishing Proprietary Calibration Values SAN JOSE, Calif.– May 20, 2019 — Posifa Technologies today announced its new PMF6000 series of mass air flow sensors for use in bypass assemblies. Featuring a manifold-mount design, the devices reduce system size and increase reliability while allowing … Read More

Welcome to the New Posifa Technologies!

Posifa Microsystems Changes Company Name to Posifa TechnologiesNew Name Reflects Company’s Commitment to Delivering Comprehensive Sensing SolutionsSAN JOSE, Calif. – April 23, 2019 – Posifa Microsystems has changed its name to Posifa Technologies, effective immediately. The new name reflects the evolution of the company and its vision for the future, as it expands its scope beyond sensor chips to providing … Read More