Visit Posifa Technologies at the

Battery Show North America 2023
Booth 260

September 12-14, 2023 | Suburban Collection Showplace | Novi, Michigan

Welcome to the Posifa Technologies exhibit at the Battery Show 2023. This year, we're highlighting two of our key innovations in the realm of battery technology. First, we'll be presenting our MEMS hydrogen sensor technology, designed to enhance safety in battery management systems. This sensor technology measures the thermal conductivity of the air-gas mixture to detect hydrogen levels, helping to prevent potential battery failures by sounding a thermal runaway alarm. Additionally, we'll be showcasing our vacuum sensors that are instrumental in the battery production process. By ensuring accurate measurements in vacuum ovens and detecting leaks in hard shell lithium battery enclosures, these sensors contribute to the efficiency and quality of battery manufacturing. Please join us to learn more about these valuable advancements from Posifa Technologies in the field of battery technology. 

Read more about battery thermal runaway detection with Posifa’s MEMS hydrogen sensor technology. 

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