About Us

Posifa Technologies provides high performance, low cost sensors and sensing solutions that address some of the toughest design challenges in consumer electronics, HVAC, medical devices, data centers, and many other industries. We design and develop the chips for our sensors at our Silicon Valley headquarters and manufacture the silicon wafers in an ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified fab in the western United States.

Posifa's product portfolio consists of gas and liquid flow sensors, air velocity sensors, and vacuum sensors. Our flow sensors can be found in demanding applications from medical ventilators and oxygen concentrators to the mass flow controllers used in fuel cell generators and semiconductor equipment. Posifa's micro-Pirani vacuum sensors are powering the next generation of ultra-portable, internet-connected vacuum gauges.

Posifa serves its global customer base through direct sales and a network of distributors in the United States, Europe, Korea, and Taiwan. In October 2018, Posifa opened an office in Shenzhen to provide localized technical and application support to our growing customer base in China.

Originally known as Posifa Microsystems, the company was rechristened as Posifa Technologies in 2019 to acknowledge the company's goal and commitment to offer an expanded scope of solutions that become a key value-add in a wide range of systems.

Posifa Technologies is backed by top-tier VCs and enjoys strong financials. We are committed to continuing our track record of innovation and partnering with our customers to address their most difficult design challenges and help them succeed in their respective markets.