Sensors and sensing solutions from Posifa Technologies help make a variety of electronic systems smarter, more efficient, and more reliable.

Posifa sensors go into consumer electronics, home appliances, medical devices, HVAC tools and equipment, data center equipment, and many other electronic systems around the world.

Posifa’s innovative products eliminate the trade-off between high performance and low cost, and help our customers address the toughest design challenges. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve been using a proven CMOS compatible MEMS fabrication platform that we continuously refine and improve to bring more innovations to our customers

High Performance Sensors at an Affordable Cost

PAV1000 Air Velocity Sensor

Air Velocity Sensors

Affordable, easy-to-use, and compact. Ideal for real-time air velocity monitoring. Learn more...


Mass Air Flow Sensors

Excel even under hash operating conditions. Resist dust particles, water condensation, vibration, and other adverse environmental factors. Learn more...


Liquid Flow Sensors

Accurate and consistent under a wide variety of application conditions, from low flow to pulsatile flow. No moving parts. Learn more...


Vacuum Sensors

MEMS micro-Pirani vacuum sensor with improved accuracy, repeatability and power efficiency. Learn more...

Custom Sensors

Customized packaging, electronics, and calibration for unique requirements of high-volume production. Learn more...

Solutions for the Toughest Design Challenges

Respiratory Care Devices

From off-the-shelf modules to custom PCB assembly, we help bring your innovation to the market faster.

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Home Appliances

Accurate, consistent and reliable water / liquid metering enhances consumer experience and strengthens brand loyalty.

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Data Centers

Real-time monitoring of air ciculation wherever it is needed to ensure reliable operation and optimal performance of your servers.

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Next-generation digital vacuum gauges, affordable and easy-to-use filter monitoring, and VAV damper control.

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We Partner With You... add exceptionally accurate, reliable, and affordable sensor technology to your products to strengthen differentiation, and enable new innovation. A highly capable supply chain is just as critical to sensor reliability and quality as the unique design of the sensors themselves.


Posifa’s world-class, US-based foundry partner offers the most scalable, highest quality (ISO/TS 16949 certified) silicon wafer production platform.


Our module assembly partners are skilled at producing high volume, high quality devices to fit your requirements in an ISO9001 certified facility.


We can coordinate with you to deliver product globally in the most effective method to suit your production needs.

If you have unique requirements, our fabrication technology and supply chain allow us to provide customization at relatively low quantities. And our responsive customer service and support deliver quick answers to your questions and resolve any issues throughout your manufacturing process and product lifecycle.